Electrical specifications
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  • 2 completely independent stimulation channels
  • Constant current for a charge of up to 1500 Ohms (Each program has a maximum ouput amplitude of 38 V)
  • Maximum current of a pulse per channel: 0-60mA
  • Pulse width: 40-350 Us
  • Pulsation frequency: 1-160 Hz (All programs have adjustable frequency and duration)
  • Power : 1 lithium-ion rechargeable battery 3,7 Volts 600 mAh
  • Weight with battery: 92 g
  • Weight without battery: 75 g
  • External dimensions : 110 mm x 64 mm x 11 mm (L x W x H)
  • Timer: 10-20-30-40-50-60-continuous
  • Safety standard: IEC 60601-1, IEC 60101-1-2
  • Touch screen display with LED backlighting: makes reading easier, at any time.
  • Pause : the device switches to waiting mode, saves the intensity setting.
  • Programming: selection of 7 preset programs, with adjustable frequency and pulse width, 3 free slots for custom programming.
  • Option of 2 simultaneous readings: antalgic, combined on 2 separate areas
  • Concept 1 Button 1 Function: offers a simpler, more pleasant operation to the user.
  • Constant-current charge: adapts to the various types of tissue density.
  • Timer: adjustable in compliance with the recommendations of the attending therapist.
  • Locked program: recommended while using the TENS during activity.

P 1 | Conventional

P 2 | Modulated Width (MW)

P 3 | Modulated Rate (MR)

P 4 | Alternating channels (ALT)

P 5 | Burst

P 6 | Mixed Frequency

P 7 | Massage

P 8 | User-defined program

P 9 | User-defined program

P10 | User-defined program







Includes two (2) Li-ion rechargeable batteries & a set of accessories

1Protective pouch for carrying the complete kit
1Instruction and applications manual
2Conducting wires
1Set of carbon electrodes (4 electrodes)
1Gel tube
1Roll of adhesive tape
1Li-ion battery charger

And for more comfort and mobility

1Strap for an easy use on the shoulder
1Silicone protector sleeve for the device
1Belt clip
1Adjustable elastic band to attach to a limb

Improved design

With an improved design and multiple selection of programs, the Soul model is specifically designed to answer an increasing variety of demands for effective pain treatments.

The Soul TENS

2-channels digital TENS with a selection of 7 fixed preset programs and 3 free program slots,  this state-of-the-art device offers a wide selection of programs greatly appreciated by the therapists and their patients.

5 years warranty

Effective from the date of purchase, the warranty only applies to the device, do not cover the accessories (cables, electrodes, chargers) and can only be claimed by the buyer of the new product and upon presentation of the proof of purchase.

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