Our daily commitment

Design, customize and place in the service of the beneficiaries and health care professionals

  • a proven therapeutic technique already used in hospitals and clinics: transcutaneous neurostimulation, or electrotherapy,
  • a non-pharmacological analgesic option promoting well-being and rapid return to an active life,
  • a safe and accessible option thanks to our new generation of portable devices,
  • high-end TENS devices offering a selection of presets or customizable treatments, as prescribed by the physician/attending therapist,
  • TENS devices covered by the SAAQ, CNESST and most private insurance plans, when prescribed, on purchase or rental with option to buy for pain treatment, at home or in a clinic.


Enterprise located on the North shore of the Greater Montreal area (QC,CA) and founded in 2007, offers high-end, innovative (Care, Soul, Nova) and medically recognized TENS devices to health care professionals and patients suffering from chronic or temporary pain as an alternative to over-medication and without side-effects.

Our Values

Offer and pass on our expertise, dedication, dynamism, methodology and efficiency to a network of motivated distributors. We want to guarantee the recognition of the quality of our products designed, produced and distributed with an unique and mainly human-oriented objective in mind: the quality of life of our users.

Our products designed here

Our high-end, more compact and more esthetic products offer customized TENS programs and treatments at competitive prices. Electro‑Medic's TENS antalgic devices are portable and provide the user with a pain management and relief at all times, while active or resting.

A clever design, built on the interaction with the main beneficiaries and health care professionals, provides accessible, easy to use products to individuals suffering from chronic, sport-related or other diagnosed pains.

In addition to the benefits of electrotherapy, many users have the privilege the have the costs of the purchase or rental with option to buy covered by the CNESST, SAAQ and most private insurance plans.

Our Sales

We rely on a strong and reliable growth based on an effective marketing, constant research and development, active networking and a collaboration with front line organizations and stakeholders, both in the hospital sector and private practice.

We put everything in place to make Electro‑Medic a flourishing business, a manufacturer well-known for the quality of its products and attentive to its distributors and users on a daily basis, in a specific market, local and online.

Our achievements

First of all, successful research: high quality devices providing more comfort,

répondant, d’une part, à la demande d’une clientèle professionnelle pratiquant en Gestion de la douleur, et, d’autre part, aux besoins d’une clientèle référée ou non, de tous âges, sportive aussi bien que vieillissante, chacune se trouvant exposée à différentes maladies chroniques et douleurs associées.

120 degrees of adjustment

Thanks to its 120 degrees of intensity adjustment, Electro‑Medic's TENS high-end device allows for a gradual adjustment, thus providing a higher level of comfort. Most traditional, less expensive devices offer only 9 levels of adjustment which greatly limits the possibilities of intensity adjustment: the current felt will either be too strong or too weak.

Constant-current charge up to 1500 OHMS *

The resistance of the skin varies from one individual to another. For better results, our devices have a constant current charge of up to 1500 Ohms to optimize its capacity to adapt to any type of tissue density. Traditional devices usually offer a resistance of 500 Ohms, which explains why some people with higher tissue density can't feel the current, even at a high intensity. *Ohm's law states that the current through a conductor between two points is directly proportional... Ohm's law was named after the german physician Georg Simon Ohm.


Tested on human skin and engineer-verified and validated waveforms

In addition, Electro‑Medic's TENS Care, Soul and Nova devices were designed to enable the current to keep its asymetrical rectangular wave when used on the human skin., in opposition to low-end devices designed with an artificial component (electrical resistance). Engineers verify and validate the waveforms of all our TENS. by applying an oscilloscope directly on the skin.

To recruit reliable distributors that share Electro‑Medic's deepest values

Electro‑Medic intend to offer concrete support to its distributors

in their determination and ability to be among THE key references for the distribution, sale and rental of therapeutic devices

in the Quebec market, which currently offers mostly low-end devices at pharmacies and off-the-shelf.


  • By providing close and customized monitoring by a representative on the road, available and tuned to the specific needs of each distributor.
  • By offering complete training on the products and accessories to their employees.
  • By providing all the necessary equipment to facilitate the sale (merchandisers, charts, web-based tools for the patient)
  • By working together to the development of the market, while always aiming for day-to-day and life quality improvement of the users.
  • By guaranteeing delivery within 24 hours and a customer-oriented return policy without equal.
  • Protecting the distributor/client relationship is essential to us. We aim for the complete satisfaction of the user (new replacement device during the warranty period) and successful business relationship with our distributor.

Why distribute Electro‑Medic's products rather than any other brand?

Because our state-of-the-art products are compact, portable and designed to fit everyone's lifestyle. Transcutaneous neurostimulation is effective, safe and without side-effects. This therapeutic technique is usable in clinic, at home, or even while doing usual daily activities.

Because our strength lies in the simplicity of use of our TENS. antalgic devices: its 1 button, 1 Function design provides an easy, proper and optimal use for all types of user/customer.

Because our medically recognized products are covered by the SAAQ, CNESST and most private insurance plans.

Because our products are reliable. We are so confident in our products' reliability that we offer a 3 year warranty on our devices.

Because in addition to our outstanding after-sales service, we also offer to the user a guide, bilingual (french-english) labelling and instructions, designed meticulously in both languages to facilitate reading and understanding.

Because expertise, professionalism and accessibility are our priorities

Because together, we make the technology available to patients and health professionals. That is how Electro‑Medic and its distributors affirm their commitment on a daily basis.

Help the health care professionals, particularly the first responders specialized in pain management, (re)discover the benefits of transcutaneous neurostimulation, a recognized non-pharmacological technique more accessible to all, at all times than ever.

Our vision

To become the most recognized manufacturer of electrotherapy devices for personal use in terms of quality and technology in Canada.

Develop complimentary products and new applications that will contribute, like our TENS devices and accessories, to improve the quality of life, well-being and return to autonomy of thousands of people that must deal with pain daily.

Motivate and encourage our network of distributors by helping them generate sales with innovative products at a competitive price and an accessible, reliable service tailored to the specific needs of each user and in compliance with the recommendations of the consulting therapist.

Contribute to the accessibility of electrotherapy for the benefit and satisfaction of the patients and health care professionals with high-end analgesic devices combining efficiency and comfort, without side-effects.

Improve the health of people in pain: our mission.

Relieve pain: our pride!

We look forward to demonstrate it to you and to count you among the most well-informed distributors and users regarding cuttin-edge and innovative TENS devices & accessories, developped here.

Electro‑Medic's team