Electro‑Medic, proud designer of antalgic devices accessible to all

There are many daily, professional and sport activities to which the body reacts in the more or less long term and very differently from one individual to another. Electro‑Medic, proud designer (QC,CA), is designed for any user who wishes to benefit from a program aimed at greatly reducing their pain and allowing them to do so, in certain cases, even while going about their everyday activities!

The use and benefits of the electrotherapy

The enthusiasm for the use and benefits of electrotherapy is mainly due to its ability to address the specific needs of the patients.

At Electro‑Medic, we constantly review our quality standards upward and continuously monitor increasingly promising modifications in terms of both pain relief and ease of use and comfort of our high-end devices.

The undeniable interest

from the physicians and specialists is understandable

The reasearch for effective pain relief treatments medically recognized and state-of-the-art technology, in close collaboration with health care professionals and their patients, helps us develop new models that effectively respond to an even broader range of care in physical rehabilitation, among other things.

Easy to use, compact and light devices

The esthetic and clever design of all our devices, easy to use, compact, light, is the result of an essential interaction with the beneficiaries. Always listening to our customers, we use your comments and suggestions for the development of our new line of therapeutic devices.

Focused on the diversity of needs

The recognition of our products' quality motivates us to constantly expand the scope of our research. Focused on the diversity of needs, our reseach's purpose is to introduce reliable multifunctional devices to the market.


by most insurance plans

A covered approach! Any purchase or rental of an Electro‑Medic device is covered by most insurance plans (Manuvie, Great-West, SSQ, Croix Bleue, Sun Life, etc.), by the CNESST and SAAQ upon presentation of a prescription. Every well-informed physician is aware of the concrete results obtained with state-of-the-art devices such as those offered by Electro-Medic.

Our Mission

With a medically recognized technological breakthrough, provide pain relief – even improve health in certain cases – whether it is used in clinic or in the comfort of the beneficiary's own home.